Warren County

Total Population, 2012
USA Kentucky Warren

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=1

313,914,040 4,380,415 117,110
Percent of Adults who Smoke, 2008-2010
USA Kentucky Warren

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=6

* Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed.

N/A 27% 24%
Percent of High School Students who Smoke, 2007
USA Kentucky Warren

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=38

23% 25% 26%
Percent of Births to Mothers who Smoked During Pregnancy, 2009
USA Kentucky Warren

KIDS COUNT Data Center: http://datacenter.kidscount.org/data/bystate/Rankings.aspx?state=KY&ind=3809

10% 24% 17%
Percent of Adults with Asthma, 2008-2010
USA Kentucky Warren

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=48

* Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed.?

N/A 13% 15%
Heart Disease Death Rate (per 100,000), 2003-2007
USA Kentucky Warren

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=56

N/A 224.0 206.0
Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Warren

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=16

202.0 207.0 199.0
Lung/Bronchus Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Warren

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=16

55.0 73.0 71.0
Oral Cavity & Pharynx Cancer Incidence Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Warren

National Cancer Institute: http://statecancerprofiles.cancer.gov/cgi-bin/quickprofiles/profile.pl?21&003#incidence

* Data has been suppressed to ensure confidentiality and stability of rate estimates. Counts are suppressed if fewer than 16 cases were reported in a specific area-sex-race category.

10.8 13 13.4
USA Kentucky Warren
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Bowling Green, KY City Ordinance

More information coming soon.

Smoke-free supporters pushing for statewide bill

THE DAILY NEWS | ALYSSA HARVEY | AUGUST 3, 2012 Choosing a restaurant for a good meal can be hazardous to Carla Bohannon’s health. It’s not that she is worried she might eat unhealthy foods, but because she has severe asthma and might encounter a smoky environment. “Before (the Bowling Green smoking ordinance passed last […]


Bring a Friend and Show Your Support for Smoke-Free Kentucky

KY KIDS IN FOCUS | KENTUCKY YOUTH ADVOCATES BLOG | JULY 31, 2012 This week, you can join the Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition on their tour across the state! They will be speaking to the media, Smoke-Free Kentucky supporters, and reaching out to legislators urging them to join 23 other states in passing a comprehensive, statewide smoke-free law that covers all indoor workplaces, including bars and restaurants.


Statewide Smoking Ban Should Become Law

BGDAILYNEWS.COM | RICK VOAKES | FEBRUARY 16, 2012 | Your Jan. 24 editorial, “State smoking ban proposal is overreach,” claims that a statewide smoke-free law would be an “infringement of property rights.” Property rights are important, but they do not supersede the rights of individuals who may be harmed.


Study Says Air Quality in Bowling Green has Improved

WKU PUBLIC RADIO | DAN MODLIN | FEBRUARY 3, 2012 | A new study indicates that air quality in Bowling Green Hospitality venues has improved since a smoke-free ordinance took effect last spring. The new study, which was funded by the Kentucky Cancer Consortium and the Barren River Area Health Department, found an 83 percent decline in indoor air pollution since the smoke-free ordinance was established.


Legion OKs Smoke-free Nights

THE DAILY NEWS | JUSTIN STORY | JANUARY 28, 2012 | American Legion Post 23 members voted Wednesday to become a smoke-free facility on nights the post hosts charitable gaming, joining the other local veterans organization, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1298, in doing so. Malcolm Cherry, an officer with the American Legion and past quartermaster for the VFW, said a majority of the legion’s membership voted to forbid smoking only on nights when the public comes to play bingo and other forms of charitable gaming.


Today On Bowling Green TODAY

BOWLING GREEN TODAY | JANUARY 6, 2012 | After winning a court battle last month the VFW Post 12-98 may go smoke-free after all. The post may ban smoking on nights it hosts charitable gaming events.


Legislator’s Log by Rep. Brent Yonts

SURF KY NEWS GROUP | REP. BRENT YONTS | DECEMBER 25, 2011 | Those who follow the Kentucky General Assembly each session know the issue of casino gaming is not new to our state. Lawmakers have spent over a decade considering bills to allow casino gaming in the commonwealth, either by a constitutional amendment approved by a majority of Kentucky voters, or by a vote of the General Assembly.


Officer Explains BGPD Approach to Smoking Ordinance

BGDAILYNEWS.COM | JUSTIN STORY | DECEMBER 8, 2011 | The city of Bowling Green’s ordinance against smoking has resulted in five citations issued in the nearly eight months the law has been in effect, an officer with the Bowling Green Police Department told members of the Barren River Area Smoke-Free Communities Coalition. BGPD spokesman Officer Ronnie Ward was the guest speaker Wednesday at a coalition meeting at Western Kentucky University Health Services.


VFW cited again for smoking

THE DAILY NEWS | JUSTIN STORY | DECEMBER 6, 2011 | Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1298, already contesting a previous citation it received for violating the city’s ordinance against smoking, was cited for a second time Friday evening. Passed in April by the Bowling Green Board of Commissioners as a way to address public health, the ordinance prohibits smoking in most public buildings within the city limits.


City Leader Says Election Shows Public Favor For Smoking Ban

KENTUCKY NEWS ERA | ANDREW ROBINSON | NOVEMBER 12, 2011 | Bowling Green City Commissioner Brian “Slim” Nash said he believes voters sent a message in Tuesday’s election: Citizens are satisfied with the city’s smoking ban. Candidate Bill Goodwin emphasized during the campaign that he wants to revisit the city’s smoking ban and rewrite it. However, Goodwin garnered just 682 votes, or 8.6 percent.