Pike County

Total Population, 2012
USA Kentucky Pike

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=1

313,914,040 4,380,415 64,178
Percent of Adults who Smoke, 2008-2010
USA Kentucky Pike

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=6

* Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed.

N/A 27% 33%
Percent of High School Students who Smoke, 2007
USA Kentucky Pike

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=38

23% 25% 27%
Percent of Births to Mothers who Smoked During Pregnancy, 2009
USA Kentucky Pike

KIDS COUNT Data Center: http://datacenter.kidscount.org/data/bystate/Rankings.aspx?state=KY&ind=3809

10% 24% 30%
Percent of Adults with Asthma, 2008-2010
USA Kentucky Pike

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=48

* Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed.?

N/A 13% 16%
Heart Disease Death Rate (per 100,000), 2003-2007
USA Kentucky Pike

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=56

N/A 224.0 300.6
Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Pike

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=16

202.0 207.0 241.0
Lung/Bronchus Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Pike

Kentucky Health Facts: http://www.kentuckyhealthfacts.org/data/topic/show.aspx?ind=16

55.0 73.0 94.0
Oral Cavity & Pharynx Cancer Incidence Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Pike

National Cancer Institute: http://statecancerprofiles.cancer.gov/cgi-bin/quickprofiles/profile.pl?21&003#incidence

* Data has been suppressed to ensure confidentiality and stability of rate estimates. Counts are suppressed if fewer than 16 cases were reported in a specific area-sex-race category.

10.8 13 13.5
USA Kentucky Pike
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Pikeville, KY City Ordinance

Type of Law: Most public places and places of employment, with the exception of enclosed smoking areas for the use of employees who smoke, freestanding bars, bingo parlors, offtrack betting parlors, retail tobacco stores, hotel/motel rooms rented to guests and designated as smoking rooms, private clubs.

Where smoking is not prohibited: Smoking is permitted in any dwelling, enclosed areas for the use of employees who smoke, retail tobacco stores, hotel and motel rooms designated as smoking rooms, private clubs, freestanding bars where the patrons or guest must be at least 21 years of age to enter, outdoor areas of places of employment, bingo parlors where patrons, guests and workers must be at least 18 years of age or older to enter, offtrack betting parlors where the patrons, guest and workers must be at least 18 years or older.

Link to Ordinance: http://www.mc.uky.edu/tobaccopolicy/Ordinances/ActualOrdinances/Pikeville.pdf

Source: http://www.mc.uky.edu/tobaccopolicy/Ordinances/Reports/Pikeville.html


Implementation Date


Ordinance Enactment Date


First Reading


Study Leads to Call for Pike Smoking Ban

APPALACHAIN NEWS-EXPRESS | JULIA ROBERTS | MARCH 4, 2015 Calls for a countywide smoking ban were renewed this week as representatives from the University of Kentucky were in Pikeville Monday to share information and gather support for the initiative.


Pike County Workplaces Surveyed on Indoor Air Quality

WEKU | STU JOHNSON | MARCH 2, 2015 An indoor air quality study of an eastern Kentucky county shows significant differences between smoke free workplaces and exempted establishments.


Smoking Ban Passes in Elkhorn City

WYMT | TANNER HESTERBERG | MARCH 29, 2013 The next time you light up in one Pike County city, it may cost you. Council members in Elkhorn City on Thursday night overwhelmingly approved a smoking ban. The measure passed 6-0 and bars smoking in public buildings and businesses within city limits.


Smoking Ban Gets Preliminary Approval

HERALD-LEADER | ASSOCIATED PRESS | MARCH 23, 2013 ELKHORN CITY, KY. — Officials in Elkhorn City have preliminarily approved a proposal to ban smoking in public places. The Appalachian News-Express ( http://bit.ly/ZjVbgP) reports the City Council in the Pike County community passed the first reading of the ordinance unanimously, but it won’t take effect until a second and final reading is approved.


U.S. Colleges and Universities with Smokefree Air Policies

AMERICAN NONSMOKERS’ RIGHTS FOUNDATION | JANUARY 2, 2012 | While it has become relatively common for colleges and universities to have policies requiring that all buildings, including residential housing, be smokefree indoors, this list only includes those colleges and universities with entirely smokefree campuses. Please note, these policies have been enacted but are not necessarily yet in effect. Please contact the school itself to verify the status of its policy.


Judge’s Ruling On Smoking Ban Could Have Local Impact

THE RICHMOND REGISTER | KELLY McKENNEY | SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 | A ruling made earlier this month by a Bullitt Circuit judge could have implications for communities across the state, including Madison County. Judge Rodney Burress overturned a county-wide indoor smoking ban, saying the county board of health had no constitutional authority to enact the prohibition it passed March 23.


Lung Cancer Research Team Awarded $1.43 Million to Study Cancer in Eastern Kentucky

UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY NEWS | ALLISON PERRY | SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 | The University of Kentucky’s Dr. Susanne Arnold and colleagues were awarded a grant by the Department of Defense to study potential environmental reasons for the high lung cancer rates in Eastern Kentucky. The grant is for $1.43 million over three years and the study began on Sept. 15.


3 Local Hospitals Unite on Going Tobacco-free

WILLIAMSONDAILYNEWS.COM | LORETTA TACKETT | DECEMBER 2010 | Three local hospitals announced yesterday the facilities will go tobacco-free the first of next year. Williamson ARH (Appalachian Regional Healthcare) Hospital, Williamson Memorial Hospital and Logan Regional Medical Center will join other local healthcare facilities Jan. 1, 2010 in prohibiting tobacco use of any kind inside or outside hospital property.