Jessamine County

Total Population, 2012
USA Kentucky Jessamine

Kentucky Health Facts:

313,914,040 4,380,415 49,635
Percent of Adults who Smoke, 2008-2010
USA Kentucky Jessamine

Kentucky Health Facts:

* Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed.

N/A 27% 27%
Percent of High School Students who Smoke, 2007
USA Kentucky Jessamine

Kentucky Health Facts:

23% 25% 19%
Percent of Births to Mothers who Smoked During Pregnancy, 2009
USA Kentucky Jessamine

KIDS COUNT Data Center:

10% 24% 23%
Percent of Adults with Asthma, 2008-2010
USA Kentucky Jessamine

Kentucky Health Facts:

* Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed.?

N/A 13% 18%
Heart Disease Death Rate (per 100,000), 2003-2007
USA Kentucky Jessamine

Kentucky Health Facts:

N/A 224.0 196.1
Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Jessamine

Kentucky Health Facts:

202.0 207.0 197.0
Lung/Bronchus Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Jessamine

Kentucky Health Facts:

55.0 73.0 69.0
Oral Cavity & Pharynx Cancer Incidence Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Jessamine

National Cancer Institute:

* Data has been suppressed to ensure confidentiality and stability of rate estimates. Counts are suppressed if fewer than 16 cases were reported in a specific area-sex-race category.

10.8 13 9.3
USA Kentucky Jessamine
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No smoke-free laws and regulations.


Workplace Health Programs can Cut Costs, Increase Productivity

THE JESSAMINE JOURNAL | LAUREN LANE | JUNE 25, 2015 The typical employee in Jessamine County spends nearly 34 percent of their day at work, many spending much of their day seated, hunched forward at their computer.


Leaders Hear Reasons to Pursue Jessamine Smoking Ban at Smoke-free Forum

THE INTERIOR JOURNAL | BEN KLEPPINGER | MAY 6, 2015 Four years ago, local governments in Jessamine County looked at but ultimately abandoned plans for public smoking bans. Now, the Jessamine Health Department is hoping to once again kick-start discussions about smoke-free policies, with a focus on the involuntary consequences of secondhand smoke and the need to protect local workers.


Still Burning: Smoking-ban Debate Returns to Jessamine During 2015 Legislative Session

THE JESSAMINE JOURNAL | ROSALIND ESSIG | JANUARY 28, 2015 Not for the first time, a smoke-free bill has been introduced in the legislature of a state with notoriously high smoking rates and low overall health rankings.


Jessamine Health: County’s Smoking Rate is Among Highest in Region as Officials Continue to Press for a Workplace Ban

THE JESSAMINE JOURNAL | JONATHAN KLEPPINGER | AUGUST 6, 2014 In 2011, the governments of Jessamine County, Nicholasville and Wilmore each discussed implementing a county-wide smoking ban for businesses. And after hearing public input, each decided to let the issue fall without action.


Smoke-Free Jessamine Support Increases, Poll Shows

THE JESSAMINE JOURNAL | MIKE MOORE | FEBRUARY 3, 2014 A recent poll conducted by Asbury University’s psychology department on behalf of the Jessamine County Health Department shows that 62.6 percent of local residents support a statewide law to ban smoking in all restaurants, bars and workplaces.


JD Legends hosts meeting of Smoke-Free Kentucky group

Despite what may have been a risky move for JD Legends restaurant and bowling alley in Nicholasville to ban all smoking inside the building, owner Wasfi Samaan said business has never been better.


Smoke-free Advocates in Bourbon Push for Smoking Ban

HERALD-LEADER | GREG KOCHER | NOVEMBER 21, 2011 | As cigarettes dangled from their mouths, Rodney Harney and Chuck Newberry played a friendly game of nine ball in Bluegrass Billiards. Over the pulsing beat of back-to-back Grand Funk Railroad hits I’m Your Captain/Closer to Home and Some Kind of Wonderful, they talked about the prospect of a smoking ban that appears likely to be proposed for Bourbon County next year.


Jessamine Schools Target Underage Smokers

JIM WARREN | HERALD-LEADER.COM | NOVEMBER 7, 2011 | Students younger than 18 who bring tobacco to East or West Jessamine high schools in Nicholasville can find themselves paying a steep price. Literally.


Advocates for smoke-free law speak out at Wilmore City Council meeting

THE JESSAMINE JOURNAL | LAURA BUTLER | MARCH 23, 2011 | The debate over whether to adopt a smoke-free ordinance continued at Monday’s Wilmore City Council meeting, but unlike the Nicholasville City Commission and Jessamine County Fiscal Court discussions, a majority of those who spoke at this meeting advocated for the adoption of the proposed ban.


Jessamine County magistrates listen to residents’ opinion on proposed smoking ban

THE JESSAMINE JOURNAL | LAURA BUTLER | MARCH 15, 2011 | Jessamine County Fiscal Court magistrates listened to people from around the county and surrounding areas express their feelings about a proposed smoking ban Tuesday night.