Boyd County

Total Population, 2012
USA Kentucky Boyd

Kentucky Health Facts:

313,914,040 4,380,415 49,164
Percent of Adults who Smoke, 2008-2010
USA Kentucky Boyd

Kentucky Health Facts:

* Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed.

N/A 27% 24%
Percent of High School Students who Smoke, 2007
USA Kentucky Boyd

Kentucky Health Facts:

23% 25% 20%
Percent of Births to Mothers who Smoked During Pregnancy, 2009
USA Kentucky Boyd

KIDS COUNT Data Center:

10% 24% 30%
Percent of Adults with Asthma, 2008-2010
USA Kentucky Boyd

Kentucky Health Facts:

* Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed.?

N/A 13% 18%
Heart Disease Death Rate (per 100,000), 2003-2007
USA Kentucky Boyd

Kentucky Health Facts:

N/A 224.0 254.6
Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Boyd

Kentucky Health Facts:

202.0 207.0 199.0
Lung/Bronchus Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Boyd

Kentucky Health Facts:

55.0 73.0 61.0
Oral Cavity & Pharynx Cancer Incidence Rate (per 100,000), 2006-2010
USA Kentucky Boyd

National Cancer Institute:

* Data has been suppressed to ensure confidentiality and stability of rate estimates. Counts are suppressed if fewer than 16 cases were reported in a specific area-sex-race category.

10.8 13 12.1
USA Kentucky Boyd
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Ashland, KY City Ordinance

Type of Law: 100% Smoke-free Workplaces and Enclosed Public Places. All enclosed public places and places of employment including facilities owned, leased, or operated by the city, and seating areas of all outdoor arenas.

Where Smoking is Not Prohibited: Private residences except when used as licensed childcare, adult day care or health care facility; hotel and motel rooms designated for smoking (does not include public areas of the hotel/motel); retail tobacco stores; private clubs unless open to the public; outdoor areas of places of employment; private functions.

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Ordinance Enactment Date


First Reading


Commission Asked to Help With Smoking Ban

THE INDEPENDENT ONLINE | LANA BELLAMY | JANUARY 8, 2015 David Little, an organizer for Smoke Free Kentucky, approached Ashland’s board of commissioners Thursday asking for their help in pushing local state lawmakers to support a statewide smoking ban this year.


Kentucky smokers unhappy as statewide smoking ban looms

BOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) — At sixty years old, Hoby Anderson is truly a lifelong smoker. He tells he has been lighting up for 58 years. Anderson said he is not happy about the proposed statewide smoking ban that passed Thursday in Kentucky’s Health and Welfare Committee.


U.S. Colleges and Universities with Smokefree Air Policies

AMERICAN NONSMOKERS’ RIGHTS FOUNDATION | JANUARY 2, 2012 | While it has become relatively common for colleges and universities to have policies requiring that all buildings, including residential housing, be smokefree indoors, this list only includes those colleges and universities with entirely smokefree campuses. Please note, these policies have been enacted but are not necessarily yet in effect. Please contact the school itself to verify the status of its policy.


Health Advocate Sees Progress

THE INDEPENDENT | KATIE BRANDENBURG | OCTOBER 16, 2011 | In August, Suzanne Smith, a retired county health inspector, spoke to members of the Ashland Board of City Commissioners advocating for a smoking ban at Central Park. But after city efforts to cut down on smoking along sidewalks, particularly in the area of 22nd Street across from King’s Daughters Medical Center, Smith said she thinks the situation has improved significantly.


Judge’s Ruling On Smoking Ban Could Have Local Impact

THE RICHMOND REGISTER | KELLY McKENNEY | SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 | A ruling made earlier this month by a Bullitt Circuit judge could have implications for communities across the state, including Madison County. Judge Rodney Burress overturned a county-wide indoor smoking ban, saying the county board of health had no constitutional authority to enact the prohibition it passed March 23.


Smoking Ban Urged For Parks

THE INDEPENDENT | KATIE BRANDENBURG | AUGUST 19, 2011 | A retired county health inspector urged Ashland commissioners on Thursday to do something about a large number of smokers who gather on the 22nd Street side of Central Park. Suzanne Smith said she hopes commissioners will ban smoking in city parks, and some commissioners expressed willingness to consider such a ban.


Tobacco ban set for ACTC

The Independent | Mike James | June 18, 2011 | Tobacco use will be completely prohibited at Ashland Community and Technical College starting Aug. 1. The ban will include all three campuses and all tobacco products.


Tobacco quit line opens to state’s youth

THE DAILY INDEPENDENT | KATIE BRANDENBURG | FEBRUARY 18, 2011 | High school-aged users increase in recent years. ASHLAND — Kentucky is now offering help to a younger demographic through the Kentucky Tobacco Quit Line. The counseling service will now be open to teens ages 15 to 17. It was previously open only to people 18-years-old and older, according to a press release from Gov. Steve Beshear’s office.


Editorial: A reversal – Campbell repeals ordinance to restrict smoking in public

THE ASHLAND DAILY INDEPENDENT | EDITORIAL | FEBRUARY 19, 2011 | While ordinances to restrict smoking in public have always been controversial, once they have been enacted they usually have remained unchanged.


Youth invited to dance against tobacco use

THE ASHLAND DAILY INDEPENDENT | KATIE BRANDENBURG | FEBRUARY 13, 2011 | The Boyd County Health Department is looking for young participants to take part in an anti-tobacco dance performance.