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Nursing Faculty Awarded Grant to Study e-cigs Effects in Pregnant Women

UKNOW | ELIZABETH ADAMS | OCTOBER 5, 2015 The U.S. has the largest and fastest growing market for e-cigs, and adult women of childbearing age are the most common users. However, no data exists regarding the health effects of e-cigs on pregnant women or their babies.

In 2015, an Estimated 221,200 Americans will be Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

HERALD-LEADER | OP-ED | AUGUST 31, 2015 In the early 1900s, lung cancer was extremely rare. Rates of lung cancer increased dramatically in the 1930s after the introduction of cigarettes. Smoking was found to be directly linked to lung cancer in studies as early as the 1950s.

Blocking Other Countries’ Anti-smoking Efforts is Wrong

HERALD LEADER | OP-ED | AUGUST 30, 2015 The United States should not stand in the way of other countries trying to protect themselves from the No. 1 cause of preventable death. But that’s just what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are demanding as the Obama administration negotiates the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Health Coverage Information, Screenings Available at Kentucky State Fair

LANE REPORT | AUGUST 19, 2015 Visitors to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville from Aug. 20-30 can get updated information about Gov. Steve Beshear’s health initiatives and details about the state’s health benefit exchange at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) exhibit.

Report: Improving Kentuckians’ Health will Require Increasing Education Levels and Fighting Poverty

NORTHERN KENTUCKY TRIBUNE | MELISSA PATRICK | AUGUST 17, 2015 Increased access to insurance is just one part of the equation to improve the health of Kentuckians, improving poverty and increasing education levels are disparities that must also be addressed if Kentucky ever hopes to improve the health of its citizens, a new report shows.

Preventive health services up sharply in Kentucky

FLOYD COUNTY TIMES | AUGUST 6, 2015 The number of Kentuckians receiving preventive health services has risen dramatically since Medicaid expansion took effect in late 2013, new data from the state Department of Medicaid Services (DMS) show.

Kentucky Smoke-Free Advocates See Indiana Law as Cautionary Tale

PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE | GREG STOTELMYER | JULY 28, 2015 Indiana has had a statewide smoking ban for three years – but it exempts bars, casinos and private clubs.

Commentary | More Needed for Tobacco Education

THE COURIER-JOURNAL | JANIE HEATH AND ELLEN HAHN | JULY 13, 2015 The health of Kentucky continues to make headline news with smoking prevalence rates among the highest in the United States.

Study: Historical Barricades to Health in Tobacco-Growing States

KENTUCKY AG CONNECTION | JULY 9, 2015 The major tobacco-growing states lag behind the rest of the nation in adopting measures effective in reducing tobacco use. Consequently, these five states — Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee — are disproportionately affected by tobacco-related disease, the leading cause of preventable death.

Health Issues Poll Shows NKyians’ Views; Majority Favor Statewide Smoking Ban, Report Good Health

NORTHERN KENTUCKY TRIBUNE | JULY 2, 2015 The Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP), conducted by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and Cincinnati’s Interact for Health, provides a snapshot of regional views — including Northern Kentucky’s, on health issues.