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Nursing Faculty Awarded Grant to Study e-cigs Effects in Pregnant Women

UKNOW | ELIZABETH ADAMS | OCTOBER 5, 2015 The U.S. has the largest and fastest growing market for e-cigs, and adult women of childbearing age are the most common users. However, no data exists regarding the health effects of e-cigs on pregnant women or their babies.

Smoking Committee Makes Changes to SGA Resolution

WKU HERALD | ANNA LAWSON | SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 A smoking committee has expanded a Student Government Association resolution. SGA passed a resolution in support of a limited smoking campus last year.

Kentucky Smoke-Free Advocates See Indiana Law as Cautionary Tale

PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE | GREG STOTELMYER | JULY 28, 2015 Indiana has had a statewide smoking ban for three years – but it exempts bars, casinos and private clubs.

Northern Kentucky Health Department Launches Mobile Website, Helps People ‘Make Healthy Choices’

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NORTHERN KENTUCKY TRIBUNE | JULY 3, 2015 Public health information in Northern Kentucky, including local food inspection scores, is now easier to access on-the-go through a mobile version of the Northern Kentucky Health Department’s website.

NKY Restaurant Health Scores Now Available on Mobile Site

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RIVER CITY NEWS | JULY 1, 2015 The Northern Kentucky Health Department just launched a new mobile version of its website that will allow for friendlier access to food inspection reports, locations of smoke-free restaurants, clinical services, job postings, and more.

Radon Heightens Dangers

BOWLING GREEN DAILY NEWS | CHARLES MASON | JUNE 23, 2015 The colorless and tasteless gas radon, combined with a cigarette, can be deadly, officials said.

Health Department Survey Shows Majority Want Tobacco Free Schools

CLINTON COUNTY NEWS | JUNE 2015 Results from a recent survey conducted by the Clinton County Health Department are in, and the results are perhaps surprising to some, considering the rate of tobacco usage in the county and Kentucky.

Tobacco Smoke Mixed with High Radon Levels Increase Risk of Lung Cancer by a Factor of 10

NORTHERN KENTUCKY TRIBUNE | KENTUCKY HEALTH NEWS | JUNE 19, 2015 Combined exposure to tobacco smoke and radon, an odorless gas that comes from small amounts of radioactive minerals in limestone bedrock, contribute to increased risk of lung cancer for Kentuckians.

Combined Effects of Tobacco Smoke and Radon Put Kentuckians at Heightened Risk of Lung Cancer

LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER | ELLEN HAHN | JUNE 12, 2015 In Kentucky, a trifecta of risk factors contributes to a high prevalence of lung cancer.

Calling More Smokebusters

LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER | OP-ED | MAY 29, 2015 The Smokebusters of Middlesboro Elementary School fell short of bringing home Destination Imagination’s top prize, but they won something even bigger: A healthier, brighter future for their friends, families and hometown.