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In 2015, an Estimated 221,200 Americans will be Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

HERALD-LEADER | OP-ED | AUGUST 31, 2015 In the early 1900s, lung cancer was extremely rare. Rates of lung cancer increased dramatically in the 1930s after the introduction of cigarettes. Smoking was found to be directly linked to lung cancer in studies as early as the 1950s.

Report: Improving Kentuckians’ Health will Require Increasing Education Levels and Fighting Poverty

NORTHERN KENTUCKY TRIBUNE | MELISSA PATRICK | AUGUST 17, 2015 Increased access to insurance is just one part of the equation to improve the health of Kentuckians, improving poverty and increasing education levels are disparities that must also be addressed if Kentucky ever hopes to improve the health of its citizens, a new report shows.

The Cancer Epidemic in Central Appalachia

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NEWSWEEK | JESSICA WAPNER | JULY 19, 2015 Seen from above, the Appalachian Mountains jut from the earth like a spine curving through the eastern U.S., reaching north into Canada and south into Mississippi. A closer listen reveals other, more disconcerting noises: the raspy voices, heavy wheezing and sighs of resignation that so frequently accompany a diagnosis of lung cancer.

Workplace Health Programs can Cut Costs, Increase Productivity

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THE JESSAMINE JOURNAL | LAUREN LANE | JUNE 25, 2015 The typical employee in Jessamine County spends nearly 34 percent of their day at work, many spending much of their day seated, hunched forward at their computer.

UK College of Nursing Study Says Tobacco-Growing States like Kentucky Lag Behind in Health

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NORTHERN KENTUCKY TRIBUNE | JUNE 24, 2015 The major tobacco-growing states lag behind the rest of the nation in adopting measures effective in reducing tobacco use.

Combined Effects of Tobacco Smoke and Radon Put Kentuckians at Heightened Risk of Lung Cancer

LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER | ELLEN HAHN | JUNE 12, 2015 In Kentucky, a trifecta of risk factors contributes to a high prevalence of lung cancer.

Calling More Smokebusters

LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER | OP-ED | MAY 29, 2015 The Smokebusters of Middlesboro Elementary School fell short of bringing home Destination Imagination’s top prize, but they won something even bigger: A healthier, brighter future for their friends, families and hometown.

Advocates Fear Letter from KACo to Counties Could Hurt Local Smoke-free Efforts

LEXINGTON-HERALD LEADER | BILL ESTEP | MAY 10, 2015 Health advocates are concerned that efforts to pass local ordinances against smoking in public buildings could be undercut by an insurer’s letter warning counties of potential rate increases if they get sued over such measures.

Ky. Faces Obstacles on its Roadmap Toward Improved Health

LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER | OP-ED | MAY 5, 2015 Kentuckians are generally unhealthy, but with so many problems, where do we begin?

New CDC Anti-Smoking Campaign Discourages Use of E-Cigs

PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE | GREG STOTELMYER | APRIL 6, 2015 Colon cancer, vision problems and myths about vaping, using e-cigarettes, are featured in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new Tips From Former Smokers campaign. CDC senior medical officer Dr. Tim McAfee says smoking-related health damages beyond the heart and lungs are not well-known, although scientifically proven.