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Blocking Other Countries’ Anti-smoking Efforts is Wrong

HERALD LEADER | OP-ED | AUGUST 30, 2015 The United States should not stand in the way of other countries trying to protect themselves from the No. 1 cause of preventable death. But that’s just what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are demanding as the Obama administration negotiates the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Study: Historical Barricades to Health in Tobacco-Growing States

KENTUCKY AG CONNECTION | JULY 9, 2015 The major tobacco-growing states lag behind the rest of the nation in adopting measures effective in reducing tobacco use. Consequently, these five states — Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee — are disproportionately affected by tobacco-related disease, the leading cause of preventable death.

Calling More Smokebusters

LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER | OP-ED | MAY 29, 2015 The Smokebusters of Middlesboro Elementary School fell short of bringing home Destination Imagination’s top prize, but they won something even bigger: A healthier, brighter future for their friends, families and hometown.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Honors E. Tyler Boyle of Paris, Ky., As South Region Youth Advocate of the Year

PRNEWSWIRE | MAY 13, 2015 E. Tyler Boyle, 18, has been named the South Region Youth Advocate of the Year by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids for his leadership in the fight against tobacco. Tyler will be honored at a gala inWashington, D.C., on Thursday, May 14.

Leaders Hear Reasons to Pursue Jessamine Smoking Ban at Smoke-free Forum

THE INTERIOR JOURNAL | BEN KLEPPINGER | MAY 6, 2015 Four years ago, local governments in Jessamine County looked at but ultimately abandoned plans for public smoking bans. Now, the Jessamine Health Department is hoping to once again kick-start discussions about smoke-free policies, with a focus on the involuntary consequences of secondhand smoke and the need to protect local workers.

Kentucky Kids to ‘Kick Butts’ on March 18

PRNEWSWIRE | MARCH 13, 2015 Kids in Kentucky will stand up to Big Tobacco on March 18 as they join thousands of young people nationwide for the 20th annual Kick Butts Day.

Smoking Ban Restores Right to Breathe Clean Air

HERALD-LEADER | OP-ED | MARCH 2, 2015 The science is clear. Tobacco smoke is deadly — to smokers and to all of us who share the air. As a result, too many Kentuckians are working in unhealthful environments.

Anti-smoking, Anti-heroin Efforts Both Critical

THE ENQUIRER | OP-ED | FEBRUARY 25, 2015 In his Feb. 22 column, “Smoking ban a step toward nanny state,” Kevin Gordon questioned which was a greater public health priority for Northern Kentucky: a smoke-free law or measures targeted at heroin treatment/prevention.

Going Smoke Free

THE COURIER-JOURNAL | RICHARD HEINE | FEBRUARY 22, 2015 It is no secret that Kentucky is among the unhealthiest states in our country.

Curb Smoking, Heroin for Economic Health

THE ENQUIRER | JIM VOTRUBA | FEBRUARY 11, 2015 Employers know that business success and growth is inextricably linked to their workforce – specifically having enough talented and healthy employees engaged and productive in their work. In fact, a healthy workforce can lower insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims, decrease absenteeism, and improve productivity.