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Op-Ed: Keep an Open Mind About Proposed Smoking Ban

RIVER CITY NEWS | OP-ED | FEBRUARY 9, 2015 I would like you to keep an open mind about supporting a law that over 90-percent of Kentucky Chamber of Commerce members are for. It polled higher than any other business issue the KY Chamber surveyed this year and is something that tourism and economic development leaders have said that they would love to have.

Proposed Workplace Smoking Ban Clears Kentucky House Panel

LEDGER ENQUIRER | BRUCE SCHREINER | FEBRUARY 5, 2015 A proposed statewide smoking ban in public buildings and workplaces picked up bipartisan support Thursday in clearing a House panel, but still faces some stiff resistance in a state with a long history of producing and consuming large amounts of tobacco.

Why I Support a Statewide Smoke-Free Law

SMOKE FREE KENTUCKY | JULY 3, 2012 Watch this series of videos on YouTube and learn why many Kentucky citizens support a statewide smoke-free law.

Smoking Ban Debate Continues in Kentucky

JACQUELINE SPRAGUE | WTVQ | MARCH 13, 2012 | “It’s really not about the smoker. It’s about the second-hand smoke that comes off of a cigarette or a cigar and we just believe it’s an unnecessary health risk,” says Tonya Chang. Chang is the Kentucky Director of Government Relations with the American Heart Association.

Hopkinsville Mayor Could Propose Smoke-Free Ordinance

WHOP NEWS | MARCH 12, 2012 | Hopkinsville Mayor Dan Kemp says he hopes the state legislature will pass a smoke-free ordinance during this year’s session, but he’s prepared to propose a city-wide ordinance if that doesn’t happen.

The House Health and Welfare Committee was supposed to discuss a bill which would ban smoking in most Kentucky restaurants last Thursday, but State Representative Myron Dossett says that meeting never happened when Republican members didn’t show up in protest of Chairman Tom Burch not hearing a bill that would require welfare recipients to be drug tested.

Legion OKs Smoke-free Nights

THE DAILY NEWS | JUSTIN STORY | JANUARY 28, 2012 | American Legion Post 23 members voted Wednesday to become a smoke-free facility on nights the post hosts charitable gaming, joining the other local veterans organization, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1298, in doing so. Malcolm Cherry, an officer with the American Legion and past quartermaster for the VFW, said a majority of the legion’s membership voted to forbid smoking only on nights when the public comes to play bingo and other forms of charitable gaming.

Long-time Newport Restaurant Goes Smoke-free

CINCINATTI.COM | SHAUNA STEIGERWALD | JANUARY 26, 2012 | Sis’s Family Affair, a Newport mainstay, has gone smoke-free. While efforts to make businesses throughout the area go smoke-free failed last year, some Campbell County bars and restaurants have made the decision to do so anyway.

Lawmaker Says Statewide Smoking Ban has ’50-50′ Chance

WHAS11 | JOE ARNOLD | JANUARY 19, 2012 | For a second straight year, a Lexington lawmaker is proposing a statewide ban on smoking in indoor workplaces and public places in Kentucky.
Rep. Susan Westrom (D-Lexington) tells WHAS11 that this year’s bill improves upon the 2011 proposal. She believes it has a “50-50” chance of passing. Last year’s bill was not advanced out of committee.

Next Step: A smoke-free City of Somerset?

COMMONWEALTH JOURNAL | HEATHER TOMLINSON | JANUARY 11, 2012 | Somerset officials are once again looking at a fiercely debated community issue that has seen little discussion in several years. Somerset City Council had the first reading of an ordinance that would ban smoking in all enclosed public areas in the city limits, including retail establishments and restaurants.

Is UK’s Campus Free or Just Tobacco-free?

KENTUCKY KERNEL | ROLF LINDER | JANUARY 11, 2012 | The university’s latest public relation push in support of UK’s tobacco-free status asserts that, “By all indications, this initiative has been successful in creating a healthier environment …” I wonder, according to whom?