Smoke-Free Kentucky Award Winners Recognized


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This year’s winner of the Kentucky Smoke-free Advocate of the Year Award says candidates running for governor need to hear from citizens regarding a statewide smoking ban.  Allison Adams, director of the Buffalo Trace District Health Department, was recognized Thursday during a Lexington conference.  “It’s really nice that Allison Adams talks to the governor candidate and says ‘what do you feel about smoke free?’ but I’m just one vote,” said Adams. “So, really they need to hear that from all of their constituents.  They need to be asked that question, ‘how do you feel about smoke free Kentucky?”

A statewide smoking ban bill passed the Kentucky House earlier this year by five votes, but failed to make it to the Senate floor.   Adams says at the current rate, it will likely take a long time before smoke free ordinances blanket the state.  “You know Lexington’s been leading the way and we’re 10 plus years out from them and we’ve only got 13 ordinances in place and so it’s taken that long,” Adams said.  “It’s really just about stepping up and making the decision to protect all Kentuckians.”

The Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy’s awards included recognition of local officials from Berea, Midway, Richmond, Versailles, and Woodford County.  The first Tobacco-free Campus Award went to Eastern Kentucky University.​

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