Pike County Workplaces Surveyed on Indoor Air Quality



An indoor air quality study of an eastern Kentucky county shows significant differences between smoke free workplaces and exempted establishments.  Representatives of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy, and Pike County Health officials on Monday released the results of a survey of 15 businesses.  Nurse Carol Riker with the Kentucky Center says levels of fine particle air pollution are much higher in certain Pike County workplaces.  “We found that people in the areas that were not covered by a smoke free ordinance were approximately 6.3 times higher than workplaces that were covered by Pikeville’s ordinance,” said Riker.

Dr. Naveed Ahmed is director of the stroke program at Pikeville Medical Center.   He says he’s treated relatively young stroke patients.  “I mean, I see youngsters 23, 24 years of age who are afflicted with strokes; drug abusers and other contributing factors.  It starts off with smoking and goes to other addictive substances and one adds to another,” said Ahmed.

The exempted businesses include tobacco retail outlets, bingo facilities, and designated smoking rooms.  Riker says a local or state comprehensive smoking ban is the only way to deal with business related second hand smoke.  The results of the survey come as Kentucky lawmakers are considering a statewide smoke-free measure.  The bill passed the House and now awaits committee consideration in the Senate.​

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