In Open Letter to Ky. Senate President, Board of Health Supports Statewide Smoking Ban



The Lexington-Fayette County Board of Health has issued a letter of full support to Kentucky legislators for the statewide smoking ban.

“There is no longer any serious debate about the catastrophic toll smoking and secondhand smoke has on the health of our citizens and communities,” Board of Health Chair Scott White said in a letter to Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers. “It is not simply a matter of personal choice, but the scientific evidence establishes a conclusive link between serious diseases such as cancer and pulmonary disorders without breathing secondhand smoke.”

Lexington’s Clean Air Ordinance, which provides a smoke-free environment in most public buildings, took effect in April 2004. White offered Lexington’s knowledge with a smoking ban to help answer any questions or provide information to the Senate.

“Our indoor smoking ban has been a tremendous success,” White wrote. “Though initially concerned, and in some situations downright hostile, the affected business community has in great measure embraced the ban. I expect the same will hold true across our commonwealth.”

White’s letter also asked for State Sen. Ralph Alvarado, to be included on the Health and Welfare Committee tasked with processing the bill. Alvarado represents the 28th District, which is made up of Clark and Montgomery counties and part of Fayette County.

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