Beshear Pushes for Statewide Smoking Ban, Some Counties Already There


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Letcher County, among other communities in Eastern Kentucky, already has a ban on smoking in public places.

Carroll Smith, who served as judge-executive from 1994 to 2006, helped to push Letcher County’s ban.

A moment eating out served as the spark, Smith said.

“I was in a restaurant eating a dinner with my grandchildren were with us, and we were about halfway through eating and the guy in the next booth had got done eating and he lit a cigar,” said Smith.

He faced opposition in the lead-up to the ordinance’s passage.

“Another person stood up and said that he had fought in Vietnam for the rights of Americans and it was his right to smoke, and he was a friend of mine and he was dead-set against it,” said Smith.

Letcher County resident Margaret Harris opposed the ordinance at its outset….and has her own solution.

“I think they should have buildings for people to go smoke in, instead of going outside, because it’s throwing butts down on the ground,” she said.

As for a statewide ban, “It’s here, so it might as well be everywhere else,” she said.

The Kentucky Health Issues poll found 66 percent of people statewide, and 54 percent of those in Eastern Kentucky support a smoke-free law statewide.

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