Kentucky at Bottom of Health Rankings


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Kentucky is, yet again, found to be at the bottom of a list ranking U.S. states on a list from healthiest to least healthy, with troubles including high smoking, poverty and preventable hospitalizations rates.

Kentucky was ranked 47th in the study conducted by Minneapolis-based United Health Foundation which look at all 50 U.S. states during its 25th anniversary edition research publication.

Dr. Guy Shrake, a medical director for UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky, said this health study provides an “invaluable” comparison of Kentucky’s health rates against other states, simultaneously showing doctors Kentucky’s opportunities and challenges in health care.

“We look forward to continuing to use the report as a key tool for identifying and implementing solutions to our most pressing challenges and measuring the strides we’ve made to date,” he said in a release.

The study cited three areas of weaknesses and three areas of strengths in Kentucky.

Strengths included:

‰low prevalence of binge drinking

‰ low violent crime rates

‰ high immunization coverage among children

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