KCTCS Campuses Prepare to Go Tobacco-Free


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Recently, Gov. Steve Beshear issued an executive order to ban tobacco products on all Kentucky finance and administrative properties.

Kentucky Community and Technical College campuses will also join the effort to promote a tobacco-free environment.

For some, the consequences of smoking don’t come from lighting up and one staff member at the Hazard campus says this change will have a big impact on his health.

“Every now and then I walk through this cloud and what happens is I get a really bad headache and my eyes will start watering and if I’m around it long enough, I’ve had to go to the hospital before,” said HCTC math teacher Daniel Madden.

That is about to change when Madden is at work as KCTCS joins the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout. The ban goes into effect at HCTC on July 1, 2015.

“The second hand smoke will now be gone from campus and people can breathe easier and people can work well and study well,” said HCTC president Dr. Stephen Greiner

It also means Madden does not have to worry about having trouble breathing while he is on campus.

“I’ve been an asthmatic for many years and actually one of those allergies is cigarette smoke,” added Madden.

Madden has to be careful about how close he comes to smokers, but soon the designated smoking areas on campus won’t be a place where people can light up.

“It’s actually a good idea from my perspective because it’s going to make me breathe a lot better,” said Madden.

Putting out tobacco to create a healthier place to work and to learn.

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