Tobacco Ban on State Property Thursday



Starting Thursday all of Kentucky’s executive branch campuses will go tobacco free.

The new signs are plastered on the doors of the State Transportation Cabinet building just feet away from areas that were previously designated for smokers.

The executive order goes into effect on Thursday making all executive buildings, nearly 3,000, tobacco free.

The goal is to encourage employees to quit, but not everyone agrees with the plan.

The governor’s office says 5,000 executive branch workers have identified as smokers, and now they will have to go off government property if they want to smoke, dip, chew or use e-cigarettes.

State employee Judy Surber says she believes the move is unfair, “I think it’s ridiculous I think they should do it across the board or not at all. If some buildings can smoke, we should all be able to smoke.”

Because the order was an executive action legislative and judicial buildings will still operate under their existing smoking policies. In some parts of the Capital Annex you are allowed to smoke.

There are some exceptions to the ban including state parks, rest stops and the Kentucky Horse Park.

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