Health Department Encourages Smoke Free Schools


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The Hopkins County School Board heard from Hopkins County Health Department spokeswoman Lisa Miller regarding tobacco use during its regularly scheduled bi-monthly meeting Monday night.

Miller pesented an initiative, “Kentucky Health Now/Tobacco Free Schools,”  for which the Hopkins County Health Department has written and received a grant to provide funding for a  community wide awareness campaign.  Miller provided the board with a comprehensive guide to “creating a 100 percent tobacco free-school.”

Miller noted that this week marks the Great American Smoke-Out and Gov. Steve Beshear has picked this week to make all state property smoke free.

“Beginning Nov. 20, anyone in a state building or on state property will not be allowed to use any type of tobacco, alternative tobacco or even e-cigarettes,” said Miller.

Miller said Beshear has made 100 percent tobacco-free school policies one of the strategies of his “kyhealthnow” initiative.

“The implementation plan is complete with facts and data about tobacco use, a timeline to becoming a tobacco-free school, expenses expected to be incurred, such as advertising, and the best thing is,” Miller said, “it can all be paid for by someone other than you.”

In other business, assistant superintendent Deanna Ashby said the second trimester has started and she wants parents to be aware report cards will be going home soon and parents will be notified through an all-call.

Assistant superintendent Shari Winstead gave an update on the school system’s online portal.

“We have 55 percent of our parents registered in the parent portal account compared to a state average of 21 percent, which is great,” said Winstead.

Superintendent Linda Zellich reported the creation of two Title I teaching positions, each for a specified number of days and two Title I CIA positions for the remainder of the 2014-2015 school year.

Lori Oakley, Alford, Nance and Jones, LLP. presented the 2014 Audit Report, for year ending June 30

Oakley said the district has done a very good job with its spending and budgets and much of that is due to the “Red Book Training.” Bookkeepers are trained at each school to follow certain protocols pertaining to the school’s activity/fund book and how each school’s money is processed in and out and how each school does its fundraisers.

“I commend you for the Red Book Training that is required,” Oakley said.

Oakley said the booster clubs should be recognized as a big part of the district funding especially due to all the state and federal budget cuts.

Zellich said one area the district is committed to working on is food service/lunchroom collections.

The 2014 audit was approved by the board.

The Coordinator of Human Relations Position for the district was approved.

The CHR will enable more ‘”GAP” students within the district to be served.

“This would include minority children, children with social economic needs, and children with special education needs,” said Zellich.

The CHR, Zellich said, will also work to develop more programs within the community such as parenting programs as well as help the community become more aware of these children and their needs and become more involved in the education of these children.

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