Danville Bans Trendy E-cigarettes though Public Risks Unproven



Today, you can take a puff from an electronic cigarette just about anywhere in Danville.

Tomorrow, however, such puffing will be illegal in most indoor locations.

City Commission last week gave second-reading approval to an ordinance that bans the use of new-fangled e-cigs in enclosed public places, the same prohibition that is placed on old-fashioned tobacco smokes. The ordinance becomes effective Monday upon its publication in The Advocate-Messenger.

The ordinance puts Danville in the vanguard of Kentucky cities that have adopted proactive restrictions on the trendy vapor products — which contain no tobacco but are laced with nicotine — even though the jury is still out on their health risks.

Bardstown, Manchester and Madison County have placed an outright ban on public use of e-cigs, while Kenton County prohibits their use in the workplace and Glasgow bans them in bars and restaurants, according to attorney Chris Johnson of the Kentucky League of Cities.

Other communities around the state and the country are weighing their options as “vaping” becomes an increasingly popular alternative to “smoking” among those with nicotine habits and curious newcomers.

Blayne Hogue, who operates Vapor Visions, one of two e-cig stores that have opened on Hustonville Road in the past six weeks, said about 70 percent of his customers are experienced vapers and the remaining 30 percent are exploring the market.

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