Knox County Health Officials Want Smoking Ban in Barbourville



Some Knox County Health Department officials want to stop smoking in public buildings. Health officials are asking the Barbourville City Council to create a smoking ban ordinance.

Knox County health officials say recent studies they conducted show poor air quality in some public places in Barbourville. They blame it on smoking.

“There’s no safe level of secondhand smoke,” said Susan Liford, Knox County Health Department Director.

They claim just 30 minutes of exposure to cigarette smoke increases the chances for heart disease, cancer, and other health problems.

“If it’s preventable, we need to make a stand and do something about it to make our work places smoke free,” Liford said.

They say Eastern Kentucky cities with smoking bans have better indoor air quality so health officials are asking for a smoking ban in public places in the city of Barbourville.

Some non-smokers we talked to agree.

“I think it’s a really good idea to ban smoking in public places and I think it’s good for the community,” said Josh Rushakoff.

Some smokers we talked to had mixed reactions. Smokers against it did not want to talk on camera. Others said they would adapt and smoke outside if a ban is enacted.

“I think it’s alright. It’s probably good for the non-smokers. It doesn’t bother me,” said Chad Rose.

Health officials presented the request to Barbourville City Council last Thursday. No action was taken. The city clerk says it has not been placed on an agenda for a future meeting.

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