Bullitt County Smoking Ban Passes, Some Unhappy


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People came out to the Bullitt County Fiscal Court meeting to argue against the smoking ordinance they planned on passing.

Not because it bans smoking in public building but because it does not ban smoking anywhere else.

Two of the speakers, including one who asked the court for the ordinance originally, opposed two parts of what the Bullitt County’s Fiscal Court passed – Section four and section two.

Section four repeals any administrative regulation considered inconsistent with their new smoking ban.

Section two assures smoking is still allowed on private property meaning inside any business that wants to give customers the option to smoke.

Allies of the Drug Prevention Group accuse Bullitt County leaders of making a larger play here that involves a Supreme Court case in Bullitt County along with 8 cities inside the county filed against the Kentucky Board of Health.

The Board of Health banned smoking everywhere in the county. Bullitt County’s attorney argued the board has no right to ban smoking anywhere because they are not elected officials.

The attorney says Wednesday’s ordinance, thanks to section four, would assure the power to ban smoking stayed with local elected officials and would make any decisions made by the Board of Health meaningless, even if they had the support of the Supreme Court.

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