Smoking Ban Passes in Elkhorn City


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ELKHORN CITY, Ky. (WYMT) – The next time you light up in one Pike County city, it may cost you.

Council members in Elkhorn City on Thursday night overwhelmingly approved a smoking ban. The measure passed 6-0 and bars smoking in public buildings and businesses within city limits.

“The people elected me to make the right decisions for the community,” council member Roxanne Blankenship said. “And I just feel like it was a good thing to do for our community and the future of our youth, especially.”

One council member voted “yes” for a personal reason.

“I called one of my brothers and he used to smoke a lot,” Lois Cantrell said. “And now he’s on oxygen four hours a day. He told me ‘I hope you pass it because they could come look at me and see why it should be passed.'”

People caught violating the smoking ban could face a fine of up to $50, with heftier fines for repeated violations.

Thursday’s city council meeting was not well-attended, but at least one voice of opposition can be found just down the road from City Hall at Time-Out Pizza and Grill, where smokers are welcome.

Brenda Dotson, who works at the restaurant, said, “I’m not totally against the smoking ban. But I think they should have put it on the November ballot so everyone in Elkhorn City could have actually had a say instead of just a handful of people that were able to attend the meeting.”

The smoking ban will start being enforced in April once city leaders have a chance to advertise the new rules to the people who live there.

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