Second Hand Smoke Study Released for Floyd County


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A report released Thursday shows high levels of indoor air pollution in workplaces in Floyd County, Ky. that allow smoking, compared to those that don’t.

The air quality test results are from the University of Kentucky. They were released by officials with Floyd County Health Department during a press conference at Jenny Wiley State Park.

The results showed that in the city of Prestonsburg, which enacted a smoke-free ordinance in 2009, the levels of air pollution from second hand smoke are nearly 13 times lower than the rest of the county where there is no law.

“We always find where there’s smoke, there’s pollution,” Smoke-Free Kentucky’s Betsy Janes said.

The report also indicated that the level of fine particle air pollution outside the city limits of Prestonsburg was 3.3 times higher than the national standard.

The report found Prestonsburg’s indoor air pollution levels were well below the national standard.

This is the first study done on indoor air quality in Floyd County and Prestonsburg.

Secondhand smoke is a mixture of smoke from the burning ends of tobacco products and the smoke inhaled smokers and is know to cause heart disease and cancer.

Sharon Collins is a former smoker who quit about twenty years ago. Her husband is still a heavy smoker, and so are most of her relatives. She noted that she has dealt with secondhand smoke for much of her life.

“When I was in college, I worked in restaurants, and it was really, really bad,” Collins said.

The Smoke-Free Kentucky Campaign aims to get a statewide law passed to ban smoking in all Kentucky workplaces this year. Currently, 36 communities in Kentucky have a smoke-free ordinance in place, like the city of Prestonsburg. That covers approximately a third of Kentucky residents.