Kentucky Health Issues Poll: Analysis Complete, Region Specific Reports Issued


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In late 2010, the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati sponsored the Kentucky Health Issues Poll, a telephone survey to find out what Kentuckians think about various health issues that impact our communities, our state, and our nation.

Final analysis of the 2010 Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) has been completed, including a report specific to the Northern Kentucky region. About 10 percent of Kentuckians live in the 8-county Northern Kentucky Area Development District region. KHIP found that, in general, responses from Northern Kentucky residents were comparable to the state of Kentucky as a whole. Like the statewide results, adults in Northern Kentucky:

• Find eating in a smoke-free restaurant more enjoyable (53 percent)

• Support smoke-free school campuses (83 percent)

• Support treatment over incarceration for people convicted of nonviolent illegal drug use (76 percent) or nonviolent crimes while under the influence of alcohol (73 percent)

• Support a complete ban on cell phone use while driving (67 percent) • Need more information to understand how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect them and their families (70 percent)

• Are always, usually or sometimes stressed about having enough money to pay the rent or mortgage (60 percent).

However, there were a few key differences in Northern Kentucky. Northern Kentucky adults were more likely to:

• Report that there are sidewalks or shoulders on streets that allow for safe walking, jogging or biking in their community (60 percent in Northern Kentucky; 47 percent statewide).

Northern Kentucky adults were less likely to:

• Support a statewide smoke-free law (40 percent in Northern Kentucky; 48 percent statewide)

• Support a law banning all cell phone use while driving (67 percent in Northern Kentucky; 74 percent statewide)

• Live below 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Guideline (17 percent in Northern Kentucky; 25 percent statewide).

For more details, the full report is available online. Regional reports are also available for Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Greater Lexington and Greater Louisville